We want to help unlock your song, using music to inspire growth, teach new skills, and connect with others. Our board-certified music therapists offer specialized services to assist in your child’s development, provide appropriate yet fun challenges, and build relationships.


Sing Your Way Home, LLC. seeks to provide the highest quality music therapy and music educational services to each and every one of our clients and families. We complete thorough assessments, develop individualized treatment plans, and use original and client-preferred music to address specific objectives. 

Our Name

"Sing your way home, at the close of the day.

Sing your way home, drive the shadows away.

Smile every mile for wherever you roam,

it will brighten your road, it will lighten your load,

if you sing your way home."

our Testimonies

Amy is highly dedicated to all her clients, and she is able to help each client reach their highest level of performance with minimum assistance. She makes measurable goals for each of her clients that are challenging, but does not set them up for failure. She has always gone above and beyond to make Kyle successful. She has made music cd’s with his songs on them in her free time for us to do on our own in addition to their therapy sessions. She has the ability to focus on a task and follow it through diligently until it is properly completed at the appropriate level. Her level of integrity is beyond reproach
— T. Dapprich
Caleb loves his Music Therapy with Ms. Hope!! When he first started a year ago, he could barely sit and focus for more than 10 minuets at a time. Now, he is able to sit through his entire 30 minute session!! Ms. Hopes uses music to help Caleb to count, repeat words and use his speech, to make choices, to listen and follow directions, to self-regulate and maintain control of his behavior, and to try new things. In addition to his therapy, they also spend time working on developing his musical gifts as well. We are so blessed to have found Ms. Hope and Sing Your Way Home!! She chooses to use her amazing gifts and talents to help our special needs kiddos to be better prepared to function in this life. And, Caleb is able to learn while enjoying something he loves - music!!
— Rhonda Brown-Crowder
Currently take my 8yo son who is on the spectrum. Hope was amazing as we got him used to attending and taking instruction. He now loves music therapy.
— Patricia Foster
Mrs. Rogers is patient, calm, happy, and focused. She has creative ways to solve problems so that every student can be successful in some way. She works hard and most of all she cares about the kids that she works with. She will find a strength to help them shine, but also tackles skills that need extra focus. The children are so engaged that they don’t even know that they are learning. They are just having fun.
— W. Heisch- PPCD Classroom Teacher
Kindness and patience abound. My daughter loves going and performing. Wonderful experience for all of us. Thank you.
— Tony Cestare