Inspire Growth Teach New Skills Connect With Others

Music Therapy

  • Music to connect with and inspire change towards a non-musical goal

  • Live and client-preferred music interventions

  • Individualized assessment and treatment plans

Adaptive Lessons

  • For those with special needs to learn to play an instrument or improve music skills

  • Taught by board-certified music therapists

  • Areas of focus to choose from are guitar, piano, voice, and songwriting

Music Lessons 

  • Open to all ages

  • Offered for voice, guitar, and piano

  • Learn the mechanics of how to play your instrument along with music theory

Early Childhood Classes

  • For children ages 0-5 to experience with their parent/guardian

  • Opportunities to socialize with other parents and bond with your child

  • Age-appropriate, educational, and engaging music for children

Music Groups for Teens/Adults with Special Needs

  • For those with special needs to socialize with other same-age peers

  • Play a variety of instruments and make music as a group

  • Performance opportunities



What is music therapy?

Music therapy is the strategic use of music by a board-certified music therapist to improve a non-musical skill.


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